Berlin March 2022

Endlich mal wieder ins Theater! Mephisto im Neues Haus Berliner Ensemble. Großartig!! Und unsere Bändchen erinnern an Konzerte, Kultur, Kunst… in Hasis Farbe dazu. #papiundich #kultur #vermisseeuch #habeuchlieb EDIT: ach gucke mal. Meine süßen Kulturbesucher. Freue mich das ihr so eine schöne Zeit erlebt habt. Vermisse euch. #missyou #loveyou

Last week in London. March 2022

This time last week… so long ago. 🙁 and yes, I always coordinate my sunglasses with the patterns on my sister’s jumper. #missyou #loveyou EDIT Haha… i thought you only coordinate your ring with your earring. Those are some lovely jumpers we should wear more often together. Also, we should spend more time together. It feels like ages and I really miss having a sneaky morning pint with you. #loveyouforever #missyoualways #colourful #nothingbeatsagreatjumper

This time last week. With Mami and Hasi. Having take out in our lovely flat. Thank you for coming over. I loved having your here. #iloveyou #imissyou EDIT oh that was some delicious dim sum followed by a nice nap. The three of us together on the couch. I miss that. #missyoualways #loveyousomuch

Papi very elegant on the Tube heading for our day at the nearby Müggelsee. Mask matches the socks matches the BVG coulours and was worn at all times. Danke für den schönen Tag! Habe dich lieb. Haben Hasi und Mami vermisst. #loveyou #missyou #papaundich EDIT: ein Mann mit Stil. Ganz dufte. Wir haben euch auch vermisst. #loveyoualways #missyouforever

Mami took me for a little walk and some lunch. We had a lovely time and some delicious food. And Mami thinks she has found her London local #thankyou #loveyou #missyou EDIT that’s looks so yummy! Very glad you had such a lovely time. And good for Mami finding her local pub in London. I like it there as well. #missyoualways #loveyoumore

Look at Papi and me all demure and dressed up for the opera. In the introduction they told us to enjoy the most romantic opera of all times and to be prepared to be emotional. Me? Getting emotional? That shouldn’t be difficult for me. Wish Hasi and Mami were here. #loveyou #missyou #kulturgenuss #papiundich EDIT: freut mich dass ihr so einen schönen Abend hattet. Ich vermisse euch #loveyoumore #missyoualways

Three Linke girls in Paddington spending the last bit of time before one Hasi is flying back to Berlin. Thank you for your visit(s). We love you. We love them. #missyouready #loveyou EDIT miss you already. Miss you always. I’m there for you. #habeeuchlieb #loveyou


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Every day could be a sunday.

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Every day could be a sunday.