Hasi reporting from London

Seen by Anja in London

Today we marched for a People’s Vote.

Today we marched for unity, solidarity, peace and prosperity.

Today we marched against a Brexit deal that will destroy our future and the future of generations to come.


Anja in London

Since moving into a new office building, which has a common kitchen with a ping pong table, I have become very passionate about playing. So much so, that my lovely colleague bought me my own bat! Thank you Paul! Now off to play. Whoop whoop. Maybe this time, I won’t lose in the first round of our building-wide ping pong competition.

Sean by Anja, London

The biggest beauty of flying into Heathrow is the view at night as you fly over London. It’s stunning! Like a miniature toy city sprawling out with its many lights and sights, home to an abundance of histories and destinies.

The other plus about Heathrow is that’s it’s a stone throw from Paddington (not literally) and therefore from Anja’s London home.

By Anja in London

I started the day early. Though I only use mini weights it’s a lot of fun. I was trying to hide in the back and was hoping somebody would take the space in front of me, but nope, nobody did and I was ‘im direkten Blickfeld’ of the instructor the whole time.


Every day could be a sunday.

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Every day could be a sunday.