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Hi, it’s the L-Hasi. Paddidington is getting all cleaned up for his big trip. Bunny and Teddy joined in too, even though they will stay at home and keep Mr L-Hasi company. Though I know he chucks them out of bed when I’m not there. That’s why I hide them under the pillow. 

Hi, it’s the L-Hasi. Yesterday evening I went out with my friends from the office. We ended up at one of our regular pubs. The glorious Duke of Wellington in Spitafields. We played some darts and while it took me a while to get into the swing of things, once Mami Hasi had given me some practical advice, things started to go a bit better. 

Look at these arrows. I was trying to hit double two (the number came off, but it’s the red field in between the two greens) to finish the game on a double and got really really close. My mate won instead. 

Oh well. Better aim next time. 


Love taking the U1 to work and getting overground after Kurfürstenstraße. It is even better when the sun is shining and I can close my eyes and enjoy a few seconds of warmth.

Legend says the U1, which was the first tube line in Berlin, was built overground in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, because people living there wouldn’t be bothered with the noise and dirt. But Charlottenburgers didn’t want that noise and dirt in front of their windows so the tube had to be built underground.


Every day could be a sunday.

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Every day could be a sunday.

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Every day could be a sunday.