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It’s the L-Hasi again.

 Saturday night I was treated to a wonderful evening at Vertigo 42 by lovely and amazing friend Paola. We had bubbles, cocktails and delicious food while enjoying the amazing view over London. The London wheel, Wembley, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s, all at our feet. It was truly magical. Thank you Paola! 


That´s the famous and legendary Berghain. Where everything is allowed except taking pictures. My mother doesn’t want me to go there. Good for her the door is known as the most difficult door in Berlin. In the world. I was denied entrance. The one time I tried to get in. On a Sunday afternoon. And there was no one in the queue. There was actually no queue at all. But still, “you are not getting inside”.

So Papa took matter into his own hands. Last Wednesday I received this email:

Screen shot 2015-08-29 at 8.12.29 PM

” Dear Sonja, phis (pop-kultur) is going until Friday and tickets can be bought online. I invite you, like this you will manage to get into Berghain. Greetings and kisses, Papete”

Pop-kultur is a new festival for Berlin, held for the first time ever from August 26 to 28 at Berghain. With its program comprising live concerts, performances, talks, and readings by more than 60 acts »Pop-Kultur« shines a light on Berlin’s busy scene while meeting standards of internationality and diversity one can expect to experience in 2015.

And I bought a ticket for the amazing and wonderful Sophie Hunger who performed yesterday. Excitement was big. Mama told me not to go into the darkrooms (I couldn’t anyway, is not a magic ticket) and to call her –  when I was out of earshot – immediately from my way home.Papa was happy that his Berliner daughter was going to a Berlin institution.


The atmosphere outside was like a cool Biergarten. The most dangerous thing might have been my pink Hawaiian shirt, which my work colleague had gotten me extra for the occasion (pic at the end).


But once inside it was amazing. The place is impressive. It’s a former heating plant with a very unique atmosphere. Once the concert started it proofed that the acoustics there are incredible. Sophie Hunger’s voice embraced you like a blanket and it was impossible not to be touched.


It was an amazing experience. Thank you Papa!


See my Hawaiian shirt? I love it.



… two of the best album in history were released. Both, Ten (1991) and No Code (1996), are by Pearl Jam. Awww… I love Pearl Jam. I loved the concert last year (picture below). They played at the Wuhleide in Berlin and Hasi and me, we like our pilgrimage for good bands. We told everyone, really, everyone, that we went to see them in on November 21, 1996 in Barcelona. 1996.

So, what’s my favourite track? I couldn’t possibly choose. One of my most favourite tracks is not on those album. It’s Last Kiss. This song, which is not even by Pear Jam, provokes in me a yearning for something, a need for passion and love. But than again, I have always had a crush on Eddie Vedder. Maybe I just want him to feel that way about me.

wurden zwei der besten Alben in der Musikgeschichte veröffentlicht. Beide, Ten (1991) und No Code (1996), sind von Pearl Jam.

Awww… ich liebe Pearl Jam. Das Konzert letztes Jahr (siehe Bild unten) war einzigartig. Sie haben in der Berliner Wuhlheide gespielt, und Hasi und ich lieben ja unsere Pilgerfahrten, um unsere Lieblingsband zu sehen. Wuhlheide ist ja Berlin, aber so was von jottwede*, zumal Schienenersatzverkehr war und und wir eine Ewigkeit hin gebraucht haben. Aber es hat Spaß gemacht. Und jeden den wir unterwegs, und auch später, kennengelernt haben, haben wir erzählt, dass wir Pearl Jam schon am 21. November 1996 in Barcelona gesehen haben. Ich will ja nichts sagen, dass war zu dem Zeitpunkt stolze 18 Jahre her…

Und welches ist nun mein Lieblingslied? Ich kann gar nicht eins aussuchen, die sind alle spitze. Und mein Lieblingslied von Pearl Jam ist noch nicht auf mal diesen Alben, ist auch nicht mal von Pearl Jam. Last Kiss. Es erweckt in mir Sehnsucht, Suche. Nach Leidenschaft, nach Liebe. Aber gut, ich bin ja auch seit über 20 Jahren in Eddie Vedder verknallt. Wahrscheinlich wünsch ich mir, er würde so für mich empfinden, wenn er mich denn mal kennenlernen würde.

*jans weet draußen (Berlinerisch für ganz weit draußen)


 Watching The O.C. (well, all this bring cool and intellectual needs some counterparts) and eating sushi. In bed! Last days have been a more tiring than I felt in the moment. 


Gucke The O.C. (irgendwie muss man ja diesem ganzen Cool und Intellektuell sein entgegen wirken) und genieße Sushi. Im Bett! Die letzten Tage waren doch etwas anstrengender als ich vernommen habe. 



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