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I spent a lovely afternoon at the Kreuzberg in… taataa big surprise… Kreuzberg. The waterfall was not working which enabled us to sit right in the middle of it with a great view over Berlin.

Wunderschön entspannter Nachmittag auf dem Kreuzberg in… Kreuzberg! Der Wasserfall hatte kein Wasser, dafür konnten WIR uns mitten rein setzen und die schöne Sicht auf Berlin genießen.



It’s me, the L-Hasi again.

B-Hasi is vey busy packing. I’ve had a busy week so yesterday after work my colleagues and I popped into Bar Kick for some drinks and a whole lot of kicking. It was fun. I had forgotten quite how passionate I get when playing.

Happy to report I didn’t loose as often as the others.


It’s the L-Hasi again.

I got post today. And it wasn’t a bill. Or a reminder of a bill.  I always love opening an envelope and finding it’s not a bill. It’s so much more fun. Ideally it would be a letter from family or friends. Or a little newspaper clipping from Papa Hasi. This one wasn’t any of the above. But it was a good envelope. It was my membership for Pearl Jam’s fan club: 10 CLUB.

I received a certificate, some stickers and a badge which I will wear with pride. So proud in fact, I decided to wear my PJ shirt to work.






Hello, it’s the L-Hasi again.

This weekend was the August Bank Holiday weekend in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Which is great for most because it means no work on Monday.

And it is also the weekend of the Notting Hill Carnaval, a two day celebration that first took place in the mind 1960.

Yesterday was fun, colourful and bright with amazing costumes, dancing, the parade and lots of happy people in the streets having a great time.

Today was much of the same except for the never-ending downpour. It has been raining nonstop since this morning. But that hasn’t damped the spirits as you can see. People still had a good time. After all, London is used to not always sterling weather. That’s not gonna stop an event like this.

By the way, NHC is the the largest celebration of its kind in Europe and world-wide the second, only after Rio.



photo 2(12)

What would be Berlin without Heinrich Zille? Or Zille without Berlin? Heinrich Zille was a German illustrator and photographer, who lived from 1858 to 1929. He is known for drawing his “milljöh” (Milieu), common people and the proletariat. Today we went to see at the Komödie am Kurfürstendamm Theater the theater piece Zille. It was funny, critical and heartwarming. I really enjoyed it. Now I have to research a bit more about Zille and “sein milljöh”.

Was wäre Berlin ohne Heinrich Zille? Oder der Pinselheinrich ohne Berlin? Zille war ein deutscher  Grafiker, Maler und Fotograf, der das Berliner Volksleben sozialkritisch und patriotisch darstellte. Er lebte von 1858 bis 1929 und während 1880 und 1882 absolvierte er einen Teil seiner Militärdienstzeit als Wachsoldat im Zuchthaus von Sonnenburg heute Slonsk, wo ich letztes Wochenende war. Heute haben wir Zille und sein Milljöh in der Komödie am Kurfürstendamm Theater gesehen, ein wunderbar lustiges, nachdenkliches und kritisches Stück, was wir alle sehr genossen haben. Nun muss ich etwas Recherche betreiben. Wo steht denn das Denkmal von ihm?  photo 1(11)


Getting out of the city to spend the day in Werder is the best way to breath fresh air and enjoy some quality time with the family. This little city is just 30 minutes away with the train from Berlin and its little island invites for walks and relax. We had lunch a the very wonderful Arielle, where you can chose between restaurant or self service, both of them an excellent choice.

Raus aus der Stadt und an die frische Luft. In nur 30 Minuten vom Bahnhof Zoo aus ist man in Werder. Die Stadt ist zwar wegen ihres Baumblütenfestes bekannt, aber auch sonst ist ein Besuch auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert. Ein langer Spaziergang um die Insel, frische Luft schnappen und sich gehörig Appetit anlaufen, um bei Arielle gediegen Fisch zu essen. Dort kann man zwischen Restaurant und Selbstbedienung auswählen, bei beiden hat man einen herrlichen Blick auf die Havel. Samstage können so schön sein…



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